Our Mission

Supporting Colombian-led efforts that enable all children to embrace their individual power and potential.

Our Focus

Children ages 5 – 15 who are living in under-resourced areas in Colombia.

Research shows that supporting children at this age, when they are growing physically, mentally, and socially can make all the difference in building their confidence and self-esteem.

By investing in under-resourced communities that have otherwise been largely ignored, we hope to strengthen the capacity of trusted local leaders who are already making a meaningful impact on the ground.

Powerful Children Colombia is committed to supporting children in Colombia through athletic, cultural, and other educational opportunities that lead to economic and social stability.


Colombia has one of the highest levels of income inequality in the world and the second highest among 18 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

When COVID-19 reached Colombia, it had a dire economic impact. As it unfolded throughout 2020, at least 1.45 million people were estimated to have fallen into poverty, in addition to the 17.5 million already living in poverty before the pandemic.

Recent studies and reporting have shown that youth in rural parts of Colombia who have less access to quality education and social services are more vulnerable to joining armed forces, turning to prostitution, or going into the workforce at an early age to support their families.

Learn more about this and our story here.

Our Values


We prioritize integrity, responsibility, rigor, and transparency when working with donors, Colombian-led orgs and leaders, and our broader community of supporters.


We value diversity and ground our work in humility, compassion, and solidarity. Our aim is to intentionally add an inclusion lens to everything we do.


We bring a joyful and child-like spirit to the work we do. This drives our resiliency and keeps us grounded in our commitment to supporting positive opportunities for youth to thrive.


We cannot do this work without the partnership of donors, Colombian-led organizations, the global Colombian community, volunteers, and formal and informal advisors. Community-building is core to our work.


We are unapologetically ourselves. This includes being courageous and creative in our approach, grounded in our values, and staying connected to our mission of enabling youth to embrace their full power and potential.

We Need your Help!

With your financial support, Powerful Children Colombia can reach more children in need. Your resources will support trusted local leaders on the ground who are creating meaningful opportunities that nurture and support children in ways that allow them to embrace their individual power and potential, creating lasting impact for generations.

Powerful Children Colombia is a certified 501(c)(3) organization.

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