2023 Year in Review

Fostering Community


Dear Familia Poderosa,

2023 was a year of fostering community. In 2022, we embraced new beginnings, launching Powerful Children Colombia’s dream into reality. In 2023, we sustained that work – but that couldn’t happen on its own. Fostering community calls for trust, humility and collaboration. In reflection of all that we accomplished in 2023, we at Powerful Children Colombia are so proud, and so honored, to work in partnership with so many incredible individuals towards our mission.

We continued investing in our partnership with Caminos Nativos, evolving the cycling school to incorporate arts, community service, and entrepreneurial skill building. After months of collaboration, we also launched the ‘Un Sueño Que Construye Sueños‘ pilot with our partner ES Futsal. The indoor soccer program was such a success that we quickly reinvested in a second phase. In November, we had the opportunity to visit the 131 children who are benefiting from these programs and the community leaders who make this all happen – we remain inspired by their commitment and creativity.

Behind the scenes, we have been working diligently to build out and strengthen our processes for evaluating the impact of our programs. As a result, over the last year, we increased standardization and rigor in our reporting. These efforts have enabled our partners to learn new ways to better manage their own operations, prioritizing efficiency and transparency.

We also grew our team, welcoming a new Program Director in Colombia, Adriana Suarez, and inviting actress Ivana Rojas as our very first Ambassador, to help us highlight the incredible work of our partners and the joy and benefit these programs bring to these communities.

We raised over $40,000 in 2023. This included a generous donation from Evergreen Communities, LLC which funded Caminos Nativos’ ‘Pedalea Con Conciencia’s’ Phase 2 in full, as well as a notable gift from the Cumber Family Charitable Trust. We are so grateful to you – our donors – for partnering with us to fund this critical, transformational work. With that, we invite you to read our 2023 annual report here.

Looking ahead, we aim to further strengthen and expand our partnership with local leaders on the ground and continue to collaborate with our passionate donors and volunteers across the globe – all of these efforts grounded with the intention of creating positive opportunities for the powerful children of Colombia.

With infinite gratitude and inspiration for the future,

The Powerful Children Colombia Team